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An incredible church, a great church planter!

I recently attended a retreat with several church planters from around the United States. There I was introduced to Chris Edwards, pastor of Grace Baptist Church in South Charlotte (N.C.), who has planted an incredible church in a very affluent area of the city. That intrigued me because Independent Baptists typically avoid those two demographics – large cities and affluent areas. I decided to visit his church and check it out for myself.
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Join me for #BAPTISTTRIVIA every Tuesday!

Here’s how it works: I will Twitter a trivia question at 10:00 PM Central on the dot. The first person to send the correct answer to @clayreed will win a free copy of the book…CHURCH STILL WORKS. (via Twitter direct message or Facebook okay) and a 10.00 gift certificate to Starbucks.

Make sure to include the hashtag #BAPTISTTRIVIA in your answer.

You can either answer on Facebook at or

The question will be about our Independent Baptist Movement….either a current statistic or something from our past….



What is a “Vintage Church?” PART TWO

Vintage describes a time-tested theology. Its roots are deep in Scripture – relevant in all generations because it is based on the timeless, unchanging truth of the Gospel.  It is a theology passed on to us by our fathers.  It is based on something far more profound than feelings or fads.  It is very old and very, very deep.   Read moreRead more


What do you mean by “A Vintage Church?” PART ONE

A friend of mine called me today and asked, “What do you mean by A Vintage Church?”
(We are using “A Vintage Church” in the tagline for our church plant at Southlake Baptist) The following is my response to my friend….. Read moreRead more


Grace Abounds in Sin City

Some things you have to check out for yourself. You know, they say, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

I recently attended a retreat with several pastors from around the United States. There I met a young church planter named Mark Neal. A pastor at the meeting mentioned that Mark’s church in Las Vegas had experienced some pretty phenomenal growth after he planted it about five years ago.

That intrigued me, because I have been conducting a large-scale research project about Independent Baptists and knew very few church-planting projects in the United States had experienced substantial growth — much less “phenomenal growth.” So I decided to check out Oasis Baptist Church for myself. Read moreRead more