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Small is the new big

At Southlake Baptist, we believe all Christians should be engaged in some type of small group Christian community. As writer Seth Godin said, “Small is the new big.” Let me explain. Read moreRead more


Orthodoxy and Orthopraxy (Joy in Service)

We have continued to preach verse by verse through the book of Philippians. This week’s sermon: “Joy in Service.” Read moreRead more


Orthodoxy & Orthopraxy (Joy in Sanctification)

(Guest Blogger: Campus Pastor Gabriel Spence)

Sanctification: partnership with God, joy in the day of Christ

This week our study of Philippians 2:12-18 looks at some very important issues related to our salvation: the danger of living life for ourselves, instead of the day we stand before Christ, and the importance of responding to the Holy Spirit in repentance and pressing into Jesus. Read moreRead more


Orthodoxy & Orthopraxy

(A correct response to the message on Sunday)

Each week, I will be endeavoring to write a followup blog post specifically to the members of our church. Sometimes these blog posts will include links to pertinent sermons, material that I could not fit into my sermon, or specific applications of the sermon. These posts will be the basis of our Home Group discussions. Read moreRead more


Ecclesiastical Separation, Part 5

While we would not recommend that younger men in our movement spend large amounts of time with the brother who is in error until they have a full and balanced view of theology, we ought to be able to sit across the table from or stand on a platform with someone with whom we are not in complete agreement and proclaim the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ to people who are lost in their sins and headed to an eternal hell. Read moreRead more