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Spirit Led Prayer

Effectual Spirit-guided intercession for others is like most enterprises of the spiritual and natural world; the more something is exercised the more it tends to become a normative practice. Contrariwise, when we fail to exercise faith and Biblical understanding in praying, we often pray in opposition to the Spirit. Read moreRead more


468… Make that 260 Marbles

A couple of years ago, I blogged about when Jack (my oldest) turned nine years old, I began to realize how quickly he was growing up and how I used a jar of marbles to keep track of his growth and determine priorities. (read post)

Today, Jack turned 13. This year, the marble jar will be half way empty. It is hard to believe that Jack is a teenager. He is almost as tall as me. He runs faster than me. Read moreRead more


A better way to pray for others (Part 2)

In the last post, we learned that Paul cultivated a sense of thankfulness in his prayers for the church at Colossae. He also celebrated the eternal in their lives, instead of the natural and temporal. Read moreRead more


A better way to pray for others (Part 1)

I know none of us subscribe to a “prosperity gospel,” but don’t most of our prayers for other people sound something like that? Ever sit through a church prayer meeting? Don’t most of the prayer requests you hear center on health, wealth, and success in the lives of the people we pray for? Read moreRead more


Men’s Fraternity

Our church recently started a Men’s Fraternity local chapter in our city. Today’s lesson talked about how men need balance in their lives in four main areas. I found the lesson to be particularly helpful and think that the lessons could be beneficial to every man in our church. Read moreRead more